Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

I knew that using the sun room as my office was complete and total genius. I revel in these really good ideas when I have them as they are so few and far between. This, this, was the day I was waiting for. On three walls, encompassing my entire peripheral vision, are windows. It is as if I am in a snow globe; I could not be happier.

It is a large room and the floor is slate tile. Good for dog feet, bad for human feet. In a fortunate twist of fate, the antelope carpet from the old house can be reconfigured for this room. The former office was just a smidge longer and a good bit narrower, but I had saved the remnant and as the room was dark there was no difference in the color. There will be a hopefully not unseemly seam.

The lantern from the front hall of the old house will replace ceiling fan 1. Using skills gleaned from long-abandoned parenting books I have convinced Mr. Blandings, through positive reinforcement, that he will be able to switch them out. "You absolutely can do it! I will help. I swear." He knows, of course, that this means I will stand by and say things like, "Oh! Careful! You're going to gouge the ceiling!"

In addition, Cowtan and Tout Papillon Jardin will live in this house somewhere. I know, who knew I'd need the pinky, floral girliness for my own? But I do.

And this is the casualty of the day. Today I was going to start painting an old armoire inspired by this wonderful cabinet. Black paint. Gold leaf. Project heaven. Maybe tomorrow. Today I sit in the middle of what looks like a 1940's MGM movie set, happy as a midwestern clam.

The image, second, is Todd Romano via the Peak of Chic; the floral chair is an old Cowtan and Tout ad; image, last, is John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross's home featured in Elle Decor, July/August 2010; photography by Simon Upton.


kansasfarmhouse said...

Love seeing pictures of your new place. I need that antelope carpet! NEED I tell you. I laughed out loud about the lantern hanging!

Kathy said...

I finally convinced my husband that the screened porch would be the best place for his office, once it is enclosed of course. Then we can shut the door and I can go to town on the rest of the house without disturbing him. Snow globe days will just be a bonus.

Karen @ BonjourBruxelles said...

I love Midwestern clams. And I envy your surround-sound "office windows". Inspiration galore.


David said...

That will be a great spot to work. I'm envious of your armoire project. I've had a huge urge to paint something lately but too many other things to finish before I can.

tartanscot said...

Al together now - - -

"Have yourself . . . a merry little snow storm . . . "

please tell me you're wearing a red velvet cape, with white fur trim! please !?!?!?!?

Belclaire House said...

How lovely to have all of those windows! What a beautiful day. I love the first big snow of winter and its quiet tranquility. The antelope carpet shall not go to waste - isn't that a commandment of some sort? I always enjoy your blog! Thanks for posting!

LPC said...

Wow. Your office is beautiful. Humans do love a vista.

Tree said...

I'm a devoted reader and long over due in forwarding my compliments. So a salute to your many wonderful 2010 posts, and a toast to 2011 and your new home!

Town and Country Mom said...

Snow day here, too, and the Mister is installing a board-and-batten style trim above the family room fireplace. I am "helping" immensely, by saying things like "are you sure that one's straight?"

Shoshana said...

My dream is to have a sunroom office. Congratulations. When I first saw a picture of your wonderful antelope rug, my first thought was of Romano's, a longtime favorite of mine. OF COURSE you would have that picture in your files!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

How glorious to have such plans and be ensconced in a snow globe of your own refined design.
Your readers await the leisurely reveal. Oh what a year this will be here at Blandings Inc.!
Love the positive reinforcement, btw. The books haven't helped much with my 5 year-old, but as my husband fumbles towards mid-life, I'm thinking some of the tot tips might.
Cheers and do keep warm, Alcira

Room Temperature said...

Some people's idea of paradise is Hawaii, with warm weather, brilliant blue skies & tropical flowers blooming all year long. I'd call that hell. No, give me snow any day, with temperatures hovering near the freeze point. Too bad there isn't a cold-weather counterpart of Waikiki. If ther were, I'd move there.

Your bright, snow-globe office, right in the middle of all that, looks just about perfect. And I'm not even talking about the screen grab. That's just a bonus, but--for me--a huge one. Thx.

pretty pink tulips said...

You're going to love that room - in all seasons!

So happy you're settling in. Everything else good will follow!!

xo Elizabeth

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I would like to have a satellite office in your sunroom. How peaceful to be surrounded by snow!

Mrs. Blandings said...

KFH - I hope that Mr. B will be as amused.

Kathy - I really think he would love it (and sounds like it is a win/win.)

Karen - even I would hesitate to eat a midwestern clam. Yikes.

David - I am trying to convince Mr. B to hang the drywall in the basement - so far a no-go - you guys have done so much already.

Scot! I wish!

Belclaire - what was nice was that my husband did not question when I told him I thought it would be the best spot.

LPC and Tree - thank you.

T&C - we are soul sisters.

Shoshana - with the Le Lac chair? I practically carry it in my wallet.

Alcira - it's not failsafe, but it helps.

Magna - completely and totally intentional.

Elizabeth - this rug and the bedroom rug should be back Thursday - should go a long way for the look and the toes.

Laura - sure! Not that we would get any work done...

little augury said...

the Cowtan and Tout Papillon Jardin is always so cheerful and classic- I have used it a couple of times, and recovered chairs in the fabric in a different colorway! my client insisted. that room, what a great working office space and the snow scene along the with it is thrilling I know.

Anonymous said...

what kind of heat do you have out there ?

john in nc

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

The office is just perfect... and so is your antelope news. Who makes that carpet, love it. Seems as though all the tics are working themselves out!